Prayer Connect Worldwide


The scripture says...

…pray one for the another so that you may be healed. The prayer of a child of God is powerful and He hears there prayer. James 5:16 (OFV) 

Luke 6:31 (KJV)
And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.

God's Word tell us that we should pray one for each other to be healed and delivered, and because we are His children, our prayers mean very much to him..  His word also says that if we want others to pray for our needs to be granted, we should also pray for their need to be granted as well.

 What we find truly comforting is that His word also tells us, if two or three are gathered together in His name, 'there am I my in the midst of them'.  What if there were tens of thousands or even millions of people gathering together in His name and praying for the Lord to grant you your prayer request. How powerful would that be?

But what we think is equally as powerful is when the scripture tell us that, one hunred can chase a thousand enemy and two can put ten thousand on the run. Imagine the power when there millions of prayer warriors fighting and praying for God to move on your behalf. 

One of the most powerful events in the universe is when millions  of God's children comes together in pray with one single mind, the mind of the Father, with one single consciousness, the consciousness of Christ, asking our Father to meet your need and grant you prayer request. Jesus said all things at this point are possible.

At the exact moment you submit your prayer request by placing it on the altar, hundreds of thousands of prayer warriors will begin to pray to the Father on your behalf.

                                            YOUR COMMITMENT

Immediately after submitting your prayer, this also becomes the precise moment that you too must begin to pray for all of those who have placed their prayer request on the altar before you and after you.

In effect, you are agreeing to join with hundreds of thousands of others who are praying for the Father to answer other individuals prayer request while these individual are praying to answer your prayer.

In keeping with the two important scriptures mention above… Just as you desire others to pray that the Lord grant you your deliverance, you will also be praying for the Lord to grant others their request for deliverance.